Sunday, April 4, 2010

Public Relations Blogs You Should Be Following

As this semester is coming to a close, I have been on the bandwagon of looking for an internship and job in the public relations and marketing field. During this process of researching these PR occupations, I came across some professional Public Relations blogs. These blogs have provided me with a vast amount of information about social media, marketing, and anything and everything about public relations world. Since my classmates and I are all interested in this field, I felt I should share some of these informational blogs.

By Social Media Strategist, Sally Falkow
Falfow is a great person to learn from when concerning social media. She is a specialist on how social media has affected the world of PR. Her posts are practical and informational. I have used many of her posts as topics to write about for many of my communication classes. Her blog is very worth reading on a daily basis. 
Here is picture from one of her most recent posts about social media:
By Brian Solis
Brian Solis is one of the most prominent published authors of new media within the communications industry. His blog is a leading business and marketing resource for all professionals. I have found his posts to have insightful details and interesting outlooks on new media. Here is a picture from one of his posts about personal vs. professional branding in social media. 

By Amanda Chapel/Brian Connolly
Also named the "Naked Journal of PR". I love this blog because it portrays the honest and cynical approach to public relations. The blog posts are based on current practices in PR and there are a lot of interactive links on the blog. There is even a section portraying old poster advertisements from the 1940's.

I recommend this blog to readers who want the real truth behind the PR industry. Here is a quote that was published in the quote of the day section of the blog. 

"It is important for PR to involve regular people through social media to provide observations that humanize and connect, so that the ‘voice of authority’ is friend and confidante."

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