Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Topper Takes a Tour

This week, the “triple threat” ( Courtney Medford, Ally Hugg, and I), embarked on another creative strategy to bring notice and excitement to the 125th anniversary of St. Edward’s University. As a group, we have been providing the marketing department at St. Edward’s University with new, fun ideas to commemorate the 125TH Anniversary. In our last podcast project , we interviewed the marketing team, who gave our audience insights and vital information regarding the 125 Anniversary Campaign.  We decided to make a video to commemorate the festivities and explore the history of the St. Edward’s campus.  We came up with many ideas to publicize this message but one idea stood out from the rest.  We wanted Topper.
We had all seen our hilltopper mascot at the games, prancing around campus or even eating next to us in Ragsdale, but we wanted to introduce the real life Topper. To make this dream come alive, we contacted Lt.  Dan Beck and asked for the presence of the famous celebrity Topper. Our group had read about Topper (real name Pax) in the Hilltop Views article "Goat to be Unveiled", and saw pictures of his appearances at the homecoming festivities.  Lt. Dan Beck was very gracious to agree with our video request and welcomed the idea of his goat becoming a movie star.
We came up with the video “Topper Takes a Tour”. This creative video showcases the real life Topper giving a tour of the St. Edward’s campus to perspective students, played by Ally, Courtney, and myself. Topper leads the students on a journey of St. Edward’s campus while educating them on fun and interesting facts. He provides historical facts about specific sites around campus to ensure the students get the full St. Edward’s experience on their tour. Topper leads the students to the beautiful surroundings of Holy Cross Plaza, the lucky St. Edward’s seal, the wondrous main building, and the nurturing Sorin Oak tree.

We believe this video showcases some of the most influential spots on campus and audiences will be astonished with new interesting facts told by none other than Topper himself. Our group hopes that “Topper Takes a Tour” can be influential impact within the 125th Anniversary campaign. We encourage students to become involved with the celebration by taking part in activities and events and of course participating in the 12th service challenge. These activates will bring our community together and let us celebrate St. Edwards magical years.

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